Sit and relax in the kasbah for a bit. I’m glad you’re here. No, really, I am. You just made my day.

I am a YA and Middle Grade writer with a passion for travel, all things dark chocolate and coffee, and reading everything I can get my hands on. I am a child and family therapist by day, writer by night, and a dreamer of far off lands and adventures. I am working on my first novel.

And now, just because I can, here are some RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME that no one really needs to know but may find interesting:

1. I have to make my bed every day, and by have to I mean I am compulsively driven to make the bed. Kids need to get to school? Late for a flight? About to go into emergency surgery? House on fire? Doesn’t matter. The bed must be made first. It’s all about visual clutter and a messy bed is visually distracting.

2. My cats have the best self-esteem in the universe.  How do I know this?  Because I tell them at least 1000 times a day “good job for ___”.  How could they not be well-adjusted? Examples of my self-esteem boosting comments include “good job for being so cute”, “good job laying there”, “good job sleeping 14 hours today” and my favorite one, “good job being a cat”. They love that kind of stuff.

3. I absolutely HATE blackberry vines.  HATE. THEM. They are the bane of my existence because they grow over, under and THROUGH the fence that is shared with a couple of neighbors behind our property.  I swear like a sailor on leave when forced to clip them back. And yes, I do throw them over the fence in to the neighbors’ yards.

4. I adore the combination of coffee and chocolate and rarely have one without the other.

5. I love reading travel guide books.  LOVE. IT. Fantasizing about far off places and all of the things I could see and do when I’m there is what has gotten me through some tough times. It’s even better when I get to go to the places that I’ve been reading about. I also love travel gear and finding ways to pack my Rick Steves carry-on suitcase/backpack (yes, it converts between the two!) as full as possible with all of my *essentials*.  BTW – Rick Steves really does rock in terms of well-thought-out travel gear and tips on European travel. His travel clothesline, for example, is one of my favorite things to take on a trip.

6. I also love my local library and every time I go there I think, “This place is so awesome, I could LIVE here. Except I would really appreciate it everyone who hangs out here maybe not stay all day because it is, after all, my house.”

7. My first job was as a shoe salesperson in a department store.  You might think this a good thing for a former shopaholic, but it was not.  Try fitting someone’s stinky, sweaty feet into a shoe and you, too, would quickly get over the whole employee discount thing. I vowed to never go try on shoes unless my feet were fresh as a daisy and my socks were the cleanest, nicest pair I own.  And even then I still insist that I put the shoes on my own feet because I really don’t need the whole Cinderella treatment anyway.  Just the shoes, thank you.

8. Almost all of my friends are extroverts, except one person who, strangely, agreed to let me write a post about her. And almost all of them like to “check in”.  As in “tell me ALL ABOUT YOURSELF and WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING and HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT.” Those extroverts are some of the nicest, most supportive people I know. And sometimes they exhaust me in that I-am-so-blessed-and-loved-and-now-I-need-a-nap kind of way. *gives hugs to all my friends* *hopes none of them are offended by this comment* *worries that I’ll have to check in about this comment with said friends later*

9. My second job was at a water slide park when I was 17. I didn’t learn to swim until I was 21. I know, how scary for me, right?

10. My first perm (yes, that’s right, there was more than one) was a home perm given to me by my dad.  I really wanted bouncy, curly hair for my 8th grade school picture and my mom came down with the flu a few days before so she couldn’t do it.  My Harley-riding, tough-guy, mechanic Dad agreed to give me the perm the night before picture day. How I managed to talk him into doing this for/to me is beyond the reaches of my memory. What I do remember is the searing pain on my scalp, the toxic smell of the chemicals, and the lopsided curls in the aftermath of it all. Needless to say, my 8th grade picture is my least attractive one, what with my new glasses and all.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love this list! How terrifying for everyone that you didn’t know how to swim at the water park! =) And, I can now actually smell my first perm. Eeks.

    • Thanks! I put this “About” section up not knowing if anyone would ever really read it. 🙂 Home perms (at least those from the 80’s) have got to be one of the most toxic things a person can do to themselves. I am still amazed at how many of those I subjected myself to.

  2. fivereflections said:

    hello nice to meet you
    David in Maine USA

  3. Hi Tami! I nominated you for the Leibster blog award (http://neyska.com/2013/05/16/writing-comprimised-and-the-liebster-award/). Do with it as you like. Happy blogging! 🙂

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