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Dear Readers and Visitors to the Kasbah,

This is my last Saturday as King of the Kasbah, a title for which I will lobby long and hard with the Queen to keep beyond this weekend. Many thanks to all who have stopped by during my term to say hello and leave comments.

The Queen also sends her gratitude, though hers was of the brief sort as she is in the final week of NaNoWriMo. She has asked me to include her thanks and tremendous appreciation to all who visit the kasbah and read these letters. She apparently didn’t have many words to spare since so many of them are going into her manuscript. Her note was more like a telegraph, short and to the point:

Tell readers they are lovely, brilliant, and awesome. Very thankful and deeply humbled they continue to read my silly letters. They totally rock.

Giant, awkward hugs to all, even you, B,

– T

The Queen has also sent word to ask that I solicit your help in selecting the writing cave’s theme song. Her post script was just as brief:


Need theme song pronto. Ask readers to help. Also, send more chocolate bourbon pudding post-haste to the cafe. You know the one. Don’t judge. I can stop anytime.

As I’m sure you all know, I have sent the Queen many theme song suggestions over the last several weeks. Never having been to the writing cave, I simply can’t decide such an important matter on my own. If you wouldn’t mind helping me out, please cast your vote by clicking on the link below:

Cast Your Vote for the Writing Cave’s Theme Song

Many thanks for your help with the selection process. This will free me up to return to the kasbah renovations. Your continued silence on that is much appreciated.

Until next time, fine readers and visitors…

Kindest regards,



*Editor’s note: The views, ideas, and opinions expressed in the Letters from Benedict series are works of fiction and obviously did not come from the actor himself. This series is just my way of expressing adoration for Mr. Cumberbatch and his work and is not intended to be seen or read as a true collaborative writing endeavor with him.