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Last week I presented you fine readers with that age-old question “Would you rather have a refrigerator that is always stocked with your favorite food and drink or a car that never breaks down or runs out of gas?” Unlike the previous quotes vs. Pig Latin question, this week’s responses were more evenly divided among commenters. And, as always, there were some very clever ideas for how best to use either option. Some of those ideas could even be classified as Awesomesauce.

I, myself, was rather fond of the idea of having the car option and being able to drive wherever I wanted, like, say, to the houses of all of my friends and inviting myself over whenever my boring ol’ fridge ran out of food. I also love the freedom of going on a road trip in a magic, badass car (yes, you get to choose what you drive in this scenario). This would be hard for me to pass up, especially since my GPS system will definitely have the voice of a certain classy British actor.

Yes, that’ll do. ~ image credit: By Viggen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

So, before I get outta Dodge in my magic car to visit all of you with magic refrigerators, I’ll leave you with this week’s Halloween inspired Would You Rather…? question:

Would you rather live in a haunted house with a ghost who is always pulling embarrassing pranks on you and your family

image credit ~ AlicePopkorn via flickr

– OR –

always be on the run from zombies?

image credit ~ Mark Lobo via flickr


What will it be, spooktacular readers? A haunted house with a ghost who has a wicked sense of humor or outrunning the zombies? Sit, sip, and share your clever ideas. I’m curious as ever to see what y’all come up with this week. Happy Halloween!