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Last week’s question, “Would you rather have to speak in movie and song quotes or in Pig Latin forever?”, had readers nearly unanimous in their preference. Votes for the quotes won by a landslide. There was one undecided commenter and I have yet to hear back on her decision, though I suspect she is trying out both (hopefully not simultaneously) and will let me know which is the better one for her job at the university.

As for me, I think I will be following the crowd and joining the Quote Revolution despite being nowhere near proficient at being able to whip out quotes or song lyrics quickly if that were to comprise the entirety of my lexicon.

Fair warning: this is where the majority of my quotes will come from. Just sayin’. Source: facebook.com via Shire on Pinterest

Even so, I think it would be preferable for my family, friends, and colleagues over Pig Latin. Ixnay on the Atinlay, or so I was told. I think y’all would agree it would get tiresome to decipher after a while. Which, of course, is why everyone chose quotes. I knew y’all were a smart bunch.

Sorry about the Pig Latin thing. Loved your work in Charlotte’s Web, though. ~ image credit: ucumari via flickr

And now for this week’s question:

Would you rather have a refrigerator that constantly stocked itself with your favorite food and drink 

– OR –

have a car that never broke down or ran out of gas?


What will you choose, clever readers? Lifetime supply of food and drinks or the world’s most reliable car that never runs out of gas? Sit, ponder, and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from you.