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school supplies, photo credit: stevendepolo

photo credit ~ stevendepolo

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school mania has swept the nation. Here in my city school begins after Labor Day, so for now we are eeking out the last vestiges of summer. I, for one, am clinging to any and all rays of sunshine and warmth because autumn, in all her colorful glory, is trying to get a jump-start on things before the official end of the summer season. (Did you hear that autumn? You’re great and all and but seriously, stop impinging on my summer. I waited way too long for it to arrive to now have it eclipsed by that telltale nip in the air you are so fond of sharing. I’ll be happy to welcome you with open arms in four weeks. Thank you.)

Being the quirky, school-loving nerd that I was in my younger years (and frankly, still am), I always looked forward to the start of school. The gathering up of school supplies made my little heart sing. I would spend a ridiculous amount of time organizing it all and fawning over my stash of nerdom like they were the crown jewels. Then there was school clothes shopping: cool new clothes, squeaky new tennis shoes, and if needed, a shiny new backpack.

Lucky for you, intelligent readers, kids are not the only ones getting some back to school supplies. I have not one but two back to school gifts to share with you!

First, follow me over to Rabia Gale’s wonderful blog, Writer at Play, where I am guest blogging in her Back to School for Writers series. Each Wednesday through the end of September Rabia is showcasing different bloggers who share a little of their expertise and knowledge on a variety of topics. Today, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge of the mental health field, specifically on the ways in which therapists and therapy are misrepresented or inaccurately portrayed in books, on t.v. and in movies. I’ll give you tips and facts on what the mental health field is really about and what us therapists really do. I’d love it if you stopped by to say hello and checked it out. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the series.

My second back to school gift to y’all is this brilliant vlog by the always amazing and entertaining John Green. In his Open Letter to Students Returning to School, he expounds on education and why your education is, in part, not only about you:


And now it’s your turn, fine readers: What are your favorite back to school memories? Do you have any back to school traditions that you still do today? Did you look forward to going back to school or did you dread it? Sit, have some tea and let’s chat. I’d love to hear from you.