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Today you’ll find me hanging out with Sherri Martin-Hutchins at her blog, Live Wonderstruck (such a cool name, isn’t it?), where she interviewed me about the things that leave me feeling wonderstruck. I’d love it if you’d stop by and check it out.

And because you’re here and it is Wonderstruck Wednesday, I thought I’d share some photos from my Pinterest boards that have also left me feeling wonderstruck. See if they do the same for you:

Source: 500px.com via Tami on Pinterest

Spain – Source: bluepueblo.tumblr.com via Tami on Pinterest

India – Source: corporatefineart.com via Tami on Pinterest

Source: sagennext.com via Tami on Pinterest

Source: 9gag.com via Tami on Pinterest

Prague – Source: vmburkhardt.tumblr.com via Tami on Pinterest

Source: whispsofinvisibleme.tumblr.com via Mary on Pinterest

How about you? Did any of them give you that wonderstruck feeling? Did you have a favorite? What kinds of things leave you feeling wonderstruck these days? I’d love to know.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit me at Sherri’s blog!