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Inspiration comes in many forms from many sources. Source: hrrrthrrr.com via Heather on Pinterest

What inspires you?

This question was posed to me by the talented Liv Rancourt who graciously tagged me in the “Be Inspired” meme. In turn, I am to share what inspired me to write the novel I am currently working on as well as give a shout out and a tag to those who inspire me. Because my work-in-progress is just that – in progress – Β I can’t really share much about it as Liv was able to do in her post (read about her inspiration for her awesome book, Vampire’s Deadly Delight,Β hereΒ and then go buy yourself a copy), I will instead break the rules and share what has inspired me lately.

I’ve come to the realization that inspiration can come in many forms and in surprising ways. It can also come when you least expect it, when your attention is focused elsewhere. Inspiration for me lately has come in little moments that jolt me out of whatever distractions my mind has preoccupied me with and into the present moment.


I began jotting down these moments in time several weeks ago when I felt like my life was spinning out of control and nothing I was doing was helping rein it in. I was so focused on what was going wrong and what wasn’t feeling fair and what wasn’t working that little else was able to get my attention.

Then I got sick of hearing all of those thoughts in my head, got sick of feeling sorrowful and down, got so utterly sick of being stuck in that dark, sad place.

So, I started thinking about those times when just for a moment everything is really good or perhaps scarily close to perfect. Those moments that make you stop and take it all in and think, “In this moment, everything is o.k.”

Time to pick myself up and notice the good around me. Source: sumikoshop.blogspot.com via Tami on Pinterest

Times like that moment when you wake up and the coffee has just finished brewing.

That moment when the endorphins kick in during your workout and you feel like you could go on forever.

That moment when the sun is setting and you watch as it slowly dips below the horizon.

That moment when someone you haven’t seen in a long time says with sincerity, “How is it you look younger every time I see you?”

That moment when you emerge from your hotel in a great city, ready to start exploring.

That moment just before a storm begins, when the air is full of electricity and the sky is an ominous shade of dark.

That moment when your child accomplishes the thing she’s been struggling with for a long time and smiles at you in triumph.

That moment when someone says to you the very thing you needed to hear but didn’t know you needed to hear it.

That moment when you realize for the next several hours you have the house all to yourself to DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

That moment when you can think of nothing you’d like more than to turn up the music, dance like there’s no one watching and then actually do it.

That moment when you’re in the car and your favorite song comes on so you put the windows down, crank it up as loud as you can stand it and sing along, almost convincing yourself that you sing as well as the people coming through your speakers.

That moment when you and your friends discover something so outrageously funny and you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face.

That moment when you meet a new friend and realize that even though you can be shy, you feel completely at ease chatting it up with her.

That moment when you’re eating the most divine gelato you can find in your corner of the world while watching your favorite actor in your favorite show.

That moment when you’re watching your favorite actor on the big screen in a play and you realize two hours has passed without you thinking about anything but the story, the talent, the acting, and candy bar you’re munching on while doing so.

That moment when your bone-tired, weary body climbs in between the freshly laundered, lavender-scented sheets and you crack open the book you’ve been dying to get back to all day.

I have also been fortunate to be inspired by some wonderfully creative, intelligent, amazing people. There are so many that’s it very difficult to narrow it down to a readable amount here. I want to acknowledge that I am also inspired by my family, friends, and colleagues all of the time even though I’m only listing a small handful of fellow bloggers. Take a moment and wander over to these fabulous blogs to see what I mean:

Sherri Martin-Hutchins: Live Wonderstruck is the name of her inspirational blog. Be sure to check out her weekly interviews in which guests share what leaves them feeling wonderstruck.

Sherry Lachelle: At her Fabulous 50’s blog, Sherry writes about the many travel adventures she has taken. Check out her amazing photographs – they inspire me to get out my suitcase and start packing for my next adventure.

Kim Griffin: Forever, For Now kinda makes you think a bit, doesn’t it? Inspiration can come from looking at things in many different ways and I’ve found that to be true when reading Kim’s posts.

Barbara Forte Abate: She writes with such beautiful prose that seems so effortless that it makes me want to write just like her when I grow up.

Now it’s your turn – what moments have you had lately that made you pause and take notice? What moments struck you as poignant even as you were experiencing them? Who or what inspires you? Sit, have some tea and share. I’d love to hear from you!