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I am on a quest and it has nothing to do with finding a ring, a horcrux, or a wizard who will help me find my way home. It has taken me far and wide in the interwebosphere (that’s a word, right?) and has pushed me to think outside the box.

woman in the rain with umbrella

~"Rainy Evening" by h.koppdelaney

What have I been searching for, you ask?

No, it’s not the perfect cup of coffee or ideal soundtrack to listen to while writing.

Nor is it the perfect turn of phrase or that singularly awesome way to portray my main character.

No, dear readers, it is none of those things. It has proven much more elusive than that.

I am searching for the perfect desk.

I know, I know, the perfect desk doesn’t exist or if it does, it is currently being owned by someone who has no interest in letting it go. But I have faith it is out there somewhere. I just have to find it.

The perfect desk for me is one that can be multifunctional and can multi-task as much as I do. A tall order for such an inanimate object, you say? Yes, but I’m determined to find a desk that’s up to the challenge.

Why am I so obsessed driven to find such a desk? Because I can’t stand feeling like a slug anymore.


~ photo by quas via Flickr

My feelings of sluggishness are in direct proportion to the amount of time I have spent sitting in front of my computer working on my novel, blogging, and checking in on the multitude of social media sites. Compounding the feeling of sluggishness is the fact that I also spend much of my work day sitting at a desk at a computer or talking on the phone. An unfortunate side effect of all of this computer-related stuff is that I am doing a lot more sitting than I used to do.

pug at computer

photo by purpin via Flickr

A lot.

Way too much.

The need to get up and move throughout the day has now become one of my number one priorities, lest I become a crankier, surlier version of myself with an enormously wide butt.

So, fair readers, I have been looking for ways that I can limit the amount of time I am sitting but still be getting work done. Oh, I know I can schedule time to exercise (I do), I can make it a point to get up out of the chair every hour to move around (do that, too), or I could limit the time I am on the computer doing things that require me to sit (doing my best every day on that). But all of that is not enough to counteract all of the sitting I’ve been doing. Something has got to change.

Then one day when I was in my darkest moment of foggy-headed sluggishness, I remembered a brilliant idea that a co-worker made a few years ago as an antidote to all of the sitting we were doing at work.

And now her idea has inspired me to come up with what will be my version of the perfect desk:

Are you ready?

Here it is:

A desk attached to a treadmill so I can be moving while working. Ta da!

O.k., I know my idea is not a new one. Treadmill desks have been around for a little while. In fact, there are lots of treadmill desks out there on the internet. Many of them are fancy models, complete with cup holders and multi-tiered work spaces.

treadmill desk (fancy)

~ photo by Aaron Landry via Flickr

Apparently, treadmill desks are THE things in offices where employers are able to afford them for their employees. And I say good for them! I would love to be able to have one of these at my place of work, though I am pretty confident that I will never see the day when employees at my non-profit, social service agency will be given such a desk. It is simply too expensive.

Sadly, with a price tag starting around $1200, they are too expensive for my home office as well.

Was I ever going to find an affordable version of the ideal desk that could do it all? Was it within my grasp? I had to admit, it wasn’t looking too promising. In fact, it was looking downright discouraging.

And then a miraculous thing happened. One day, while reading a blog post on YA Highway, I discovered this short You Tube video that renewed my zest for the quest of the perfect desk:


How cool is that?!?!?

An easy to create, affordable way to write AND exercise all in one! Hurray!

My quest is now focused on searching for a good deal on a used treadmill for my home office. Then, once I’ve purchased one, I’ll get a shelving unit and a board to attach over the arms of the treadmill. It will take a bit of MacGuyver-ing to bring it to reality, but I believe it can be done.

*husband gives a concerned look with one raised eyebrow, wonders how much of this he is going to be roped into, tries to slink out of the room unnoticed*

I am sure that getting up out of the chair and moving more throughout the day will not only help me lessen the feelings of sluggishness, but it will also produce an increase in daily word count on my novel-in-progress, wittier prose, and a wickedly good hairstyle, all of which will result in a published book.*

So, astute readers, when I have achieved a state of perfect desk bliss, I will post a photo for all to admire.

Until then, how about you? Anyone else in danger of a developing a wide butt with all of your computer-related tasks? How have you dealt with it? What kinds of things have you done to get up out of your chair and get moving? I’d love to hear about it!

*results may vary