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In the spirit of the oh-so-careful editing we all do, I thought I would share this funny video by New York Times Bestselling YA author John Green.  (For those of you who haven’t seen these vlogs before, John and his brother, Hank Green, post weekly fast-talking videos to each other on their vlogbrothers youtube channel  about a variety of topics.  You can read more about how their popular vlogs came about here.) 

In this video, he starts off by sharing his excitement over his recently released book, The Fault in Our Stars (which is getting rave reviews – can’t wait to read it; it’s in the dangerously tottering TBR pile).  Even though he is an accomplished author with several well-received books out there, I love how he seems to be just as thrilled about this one as he was about his first book.   

He then goes on to point out what he believes to the be the Top 5 Typos Ever:


Have you ever found some hilarious or outrageous typos in other author’s works? How about in your own? I’d love to hear about them!